On October 16, CAAC, FAA and ACP held an Implementation Procedures for Airworthiness Industry Day in Beijing. Featured CAAC speakers included Deputy Director General Yang Zhemei, and FAA Senior Representative of Asia-Pacific International Division, Aircraft Certification Service Sarbhpreet Sawhney. We also were joined by 98 representatives from Chinese industry, CAAC regional administrations, educational organizations, US Embassy and ACP member companies.  The purpose of the workshop was to exchange information about progress of work under the IPA and for industry to offer suggestion that would be valuable to aviation trade and safety of the industry. The IPA was signed two years ago today and was an important milestone in the growing US-China aviation relationship.


Overall the participants found the subject matter extremely useful as evidenced by a robust and fruitful one-day industry/regulator dialogue. DDG Yang mentioned in her opening remarks that ACP played a unique and essential role in bonding regulators and industry from both countries together and facilitating communication and interaction on airworthiness certification issues. Both CAAC and FAA agreed to further optimize the ACP platform for future manufacturing and airworthiness cooperation.

We were pleased to learn that the IPA manual is near completion, and that the FAA and CAAC are continuing to work on a Five-Year Roadmap for the Implementation of the IPA. Members of ACP Manufacturing and Airworthiness Committee are committed to sharing their experience and advice to ensure that the intended value of the IPA is realized and beneficial to both countries.  ACP, FAA and CAAC agreed to hold a Part 23 workshop early next year to further this important dialogue.