CAAC & ACP Grant and MOU Signing Ceremony



On May 24, CAAC Deputy Administrator Wang Zhiqing met with a U.S. Government delegation led by USTDA Acting Director Enoh Ebong, US Department of Transportation Acting Assistant Secretary Susan McDermott, and FAA Assistant Administrator Jennifer Solomon in Beijing. DA Wang and Acting Director Ebong jointly signed the Grant Agreement of the Weather Impacts on Airspace Capacity Pilot Project. In addition, ACP Co-Chair John Bruns and CAAC Director General Zhang Rui signed an MOU pledging support to further airport development collaboration.

The MOU references USTDA approved funding for three US study tours/Reverse Trade Missions (RTM’s) to share US airport development experience related to airport emergency management; smart hub airports; and GA airport service providers.
Deputy Administrator Wang opined that China and US have been engaged in a formal effort for over two decades to promote personnel exchange, to enhance information sharing, and to deepen economic and trade cooperation – the joint efforts of both sides have become an excellent public private partnership model. Deputy Administrator Wang briefly introduced the rapid growth of China’s aviation industry, including the challenges and obstacles they are facing along with the development. 

ACP believes that China’s exemplary safety record during the country’s many years of historically high aviation growth rates is a noteworthy achievement. While challenges occur during the development – such as the limited capacity of air space – the U.S. government and private sectors wish to continue working closely with China, aiming at collaboratively discovering the future path of the civil aviation industry.

ACP’s work benefits and is successful because of the tremendous support it receives from CAAC, the US government and its 35 member companies. It is truly a team effort. 

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