Airport Management Training Program In Shenzhen


From August 5-16, ACP held its 1st AMOETP China-based session in Shenzhen with the support of CAAC’s Airport Department, CAMIC, Shenzhen Airport, USTDA, FAA, U.S. Consulate Guangzhou, and 12 ACP members. Instructors from the FAA and ACP delivered the two-week program.  The 26 students were from China’s 37 airports with an annual passenger volume over 10 million.  Sponsorship was provided USTDA, The Boeing Company and Shenzhen Airport. Delegate feedback was very positive.  CAAC’s Airport Department expressed their willingness to continue this program with use of their own funds for many years.

AMOETP is the first ACP program specifically tailored for airport senior management. The next China-based session is scheduled for December 3-13 of this year.  We will provide the location and other details soon.

ACP wishes to express its special thanks to the instructor team from FAA, SPS, AAAE and other ACP members that joined us.