2017 Airline Operations Safety Symposium in Xiamen


On October 25-26, CAAC, ACP and The Boeing Company held its third annual Airlines Operations Safety Symposium in Xiamen, China.  Featured speakers included CAAC Deputy Administrator Li Jian, US Consul General Charles Bennett, Boeing Vice President for Safety, Security, and Compliance Beth Pasztor; and National Transportation Safety Board Director Christopher Hart. Representatives from Chinese airlines and CAAC, the US Federal Aviation Administration, US Trade and Development Agency, and US Consulate in Guangzhou also attended.

Aviation safety will always remain CAAC's highest priority for China's growing aviation system opined Deputy Administrator Li Jian.  Vice President Pasztor thanked the 214 safety experts from government and industry for joining this important safety meeting.  ACP Co-Chair and President of Boeing China John Bruns expressed ACP's commitment to further supporting China with the development of its aviation system through ACP's many training and technical assistance activities.  Consul General Charles Bennett praised China for its aviation success and benefits of this growth to the global aviation community. 

The Symposium featured topics and sessions on global aviation safety and trends; HUD safety and operations; runway safety; and a Captains Panel which will feature runway safety; and flight operations safety and SMS.  Overall the two Symposium featured presentations from over 40 speakers.

On November 5, 2015 CAAC and ACP signed a Memorandum of Understanding pledging assistance for civil aviation safety in China while acknowledging that safety is the foundation for China's continued aviation growth. The MOU underscores the importance of promoting regular interaction and information exchanges.

Since this important signing, Boeing provided over $1 million of sponsorship to support several airline operations symposia.  In addition, other ACP members, have provided important in-kind contributions to conform with this important agreement.  Boeing, AA, Delta, UA, FedEx, UPS, Rockwell Collins, GE and Honeywell were featured presenters in Xiamen.

The first CAAC/ACP Civil Aviation Safety Symposium was held November 2015 in Chengdu. In 2016, ACP organized its second Airlines Operations Safety Symposium in Xi'an.

The valuable discussion and participant feedback from this Xiamen Symposium will help us to continue to address the issues of highest importance to China’s civil aviation safety and will be useful as we plan future activities.